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Every married couple looks forward to their honeymoon. It is one of the most romantic vacations you’ll take as a couple. That’s why we feel we should let you in on a few bride to bride secrets that only brides truly know. No…it’s not what you think…it’s actually all about enjoying your honeymoon as a fun vacation with your new hubby. You too can be a honeymoon savvy bride!


Bride to Bride Secret #1

Remember the 24 Hour Rule. Now there may be other 24 hour rules, but this one is so important for brides. Your wedding day is an exciting, very memorable day. You’ll probably celebrate all day and night, dancing well into the wee hours of the next morning with friends and family. The only challenge with this is that you’re getting up at 6am to catch that 9am flight to Bora Bora for your wonderful honeymoon! It’s the savvy brides who actually plan 24 hours between their wedding and leaving for their honeymoon to relax and enjoy every moment of this experience. This is a far better choice than missing your flight or rushing through everything sleep deprived, a sure recipe for starting your honeymoon as “the Bickersons” couple!

Bride to Bride Secret #2

Plan ahead. It’s no surprise that 99.9% of the brides we know are totally focused on the wedding. They just don’t think that much about the honeymoon. Brides are far too busy, thinking about bridesmaids’ dresses, the perfect flowers and finding that great band. But you do need to plan ahead for your honeymoon and get every detail taken care of, just as you do for your wedding. Get your passport or other travel details organized well in advance. Take care of other practical travel details like packing sun block or suntan lotion.

Bride to Bride Secret #3

Be sure to budget. Your honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience, and you’ll want to enjoy every moment. Before you go is the time to plan for all of the special and fun things you want to do, instead of giving your credit card a real workout. Most often you can get approximate costs of the activities you would like from visiting the hotel and location’s website, these can help you budget. Our tip: don’t forget to include gratuities (tips!) when these will apply!

Bride to Bride Secret #4

Learn one of the easiest ways to make your new husband happy. We’re about to let you in on one of the easiest, simplest ways to make your new husband happy. Ready to learn? It’s all about packing a suitcase, and traveling lighter instead of bringing two or three pairs of shoes for every whim. Even if hubby isn’t carrying your suitcase, somehow most men tend to fuss over too many suitcases brought on a trip. And every additional suitcase is an additional charge as you travel with most airlines today.

Bride to Bride Secret #5

Romance appears in unexpected moments. This is something every bride learns about the honeymoon, and its one of the loveliest things. Romance does appear in the most unexpected moments. You don’t always have to plan for that candlelight dinner or roses and champagne. It can be that moment of laughter that you share or a shared experience on your honeymoon. And it’s the perfect way to start your marriage, the biggest romance of them all!

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