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So you have been invited to a formal event and the invitation reads “black tie required”. What this means is that you have to wear a tuxedo, vest or cummerbund, black bow tie, and tuxedo dress shirt. If you don’t already own a tuxedo and are thinking about if spending the money on a tuxedo will be a good investment, than this brief article will help you decide whether to buy or rent. Below are a few deciding factors to consider:

Frequency of Use

If black tie events will be a more frequent occurrence for you in the future, that buying a tuxedo is most likely the better option. Renting a complete tuxedo consisting of tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, tuxedo shoes, cummerbund or vest, and the tuxedo itself, will usually cost between $80 and $120. Buying a quality set made from fine wool will range between $400 and $600. Keep in mind that classic tuxedo’s will never go out of style. It is very traditional attire that has been around for more than two centuries. So if you plan on attending a black tie event more than 5 times in the next few years than buying a new tuxedo will be the way to go.

Lifestyle Changes

Besides frequency of use, your lifestyle has some impact on the buy vs. rent decision. If you know that you might be moving quite frequently due to your job or family, then minimizing your wardrobe will make moving much easier. Also think about how much closet space you have available. If you are living in a small New York studio, then adding an entire new outfit to your wardrobe might be unpractical. The tuxedo should be hung in a somewhat ventilated area to protect the fabric and lining. Stuffing it into a duffel bag is not an option.

Weight & Body Changes

Think about if you will keep the same body type. If you are currently over weight and have set the goal to yourself to lose 20 pounds, then wait to buy your tuxedo until you have accomplished your goal. Having spent a good amount of money on your new outfit might be a nice additional motivation to keep the pounds off once lost.

So, take the few pointers above into consideration before you head to the mall ready to spend the hard earned cash. Weather you choose to rent or buy your tuxedo, do some research on the place you are purchasing from. A quick search on the internet on customer reviews will usually be a good starting point.

Mr Pohl is a regular author for articles related to men’s fashion. He himself has a passion for wearing designer neckties and bow ties.

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