Do You Want to Be Your Own Wedding Planner?

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Do you want a wedding planner? Many brides dream of having a wedding planner who can give them the wedding of their dreams. But with some planning, preparation and a little creative thinking – you can be your own wedding planner. You’ll save on costs and best of all you will have exactly what you wanted for your own wedding.

WeddingPlannerStay organized for the fairytale wedding. When you are trying to coordinate an event that can have up to 300 guests and a wedding party with 20 or so people in it, staying organized is critical. But don’t make staying organized more difficult than it needs to be. One of the best tips is to simply keep everything related to your wedding in a single place. Create or purchase a wedding organization binder to keep your planning, receipts and other materials in. When you can easily put your hands on “the wedding stuff” you’ll find your stress level goes way down – and your fairytale wedding is that much easier to plan.

Put time on your side when planning your wedding. The “typical” wedding can take 1 to 2 years to plan. That is “if” you can get the site you desire and everything in place. Brides and grooms who have their eye on a special venue or site may have to wait a little longer – or if you want to get married in a specific season you will simply have to wait for the calendar pages to turn. Use this time to your advantage when planning your wedding to organize everything and do things in advance. Many bridal magazines give a timeline – consider your own personal desires. Some brides may need additional time if they have more responsibilities to juggle. Other brides may have help putting together their wedding and can do things quicker.

Use your strengths and know your weaknesses as a planner. We all have our talents and we all have our weak points. What are yours? Maybe you are a foodie or a fashion plate. Maybe you are a black belt bargain shopper. Make a list of your wedding planning skills. Then sit down and make a list of the skills you may be lacking in. Are you not good at details? Do number or budgets drive you up a wall? With these skills you will need reinforcement. Ask family, bridesmaids and your groom for help in planning the wedding of your dreams. You may have a bridesmaid who is a foodie when you don’t understand menus as well. Or your mother-in-law may love fashion when you don’t enjoy shopping for clothes at all. When you know your skills and weaknesses, you get things done quicker and with more confidence. Best of all, you have more fun planning your wedding!

Take inspiration from life, bridal sites and other brides for the wedding of your dreams. Your fairytale wedding is a combination of what you always dreamed of as a little girl and what makes everyone happiest today. Many brides have specific things they “must” have at their weddings and that’s okay. You can get great ideas by connecting with other brides to learn today’s bridal trends and hot ideas for your wedding. Or take your own passions, inspirations and include them in your wedding. A wedding should be about the joining of two lives and including things about your two lives gives your wedding truly a polished and complete look. Ask your Groom for ideas about adding to the wedding too!

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