Funny First Wedding Dances

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For many people, walking down the isle is the biggest day of their life. They spend months looking for the perfect dress or tuxedo for the traditional wedding ceremony. The whole occasion is usually very formal and organized. Even the couple’s first dance can be static and frankly, quite uninspired. Some waltz and act like they are at a regal ball while others like to have more fun using the time to be silly while shaking a leg. This post is about those who like to actually have fun when they dance. You’ll see songs and dances you know, but also ones that will surprise you. Either way, you’ll certainly get a kick out of these funny first wedding dances.

Evolution of Wedding Dance

Crazy in Love

Dirty Dancing

Come Fly With Me – Skills!

Original Wedding Surprise – Viral YouTube Goodness

Chariots of Fire

Thriller Original

Beat Ballet

Charleston – AMAZING!

Or, the Groomsmen can just dance by themselves

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5 Responses to “Funny First Wedding Dances”
  1. Richard says:

    Its true that the wedding day is the biggest day of anyone’s life and dancing with the love of your life is a spectacular feeling. The occasion is very formal but a dance can spice up the party. Doing something unique in the wedding party can become a memorable moment. Another way to charge up the party is by letting someone read out a funny quote. I came across a website named which has loads of ideas to make your wedding memorable. Visit the website if you want to get a number of interesting ideas. I hope that it will help you in some aspect.


  2. Buehler says:

    Here is another option for a funny wedding dance….

  3. I love this website! As a former dancer, it is so nice to see people being so creative with their wedding dances.

  4. my my my…the Charleston was one of the best dances that I’ve ever seen. Too much fun…just loved all of them!!! I’m not quite sure about the groomsmen

  5. girlywedding says:

    These are hysterical. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t pull any of these off but they are so entertaining to watch lol

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