Lauren and J.P.’s Music Video – A Discussion With Myself

Face it. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You’ll want to remember it in every way possible. You’ll want more photographs than were taken. You’ll want more video than you have. You’ll want many, many reminders.

So why not pay some hipster DJ to mix up and edit a video of your wedding and turn it into some weirdo music video? Sure! Because you don’t want to remember the day as it WAS. You want to remember it the way that some guy in skinny jeans mixed it in his uber hip studio (or mom’s garage) a few days after the wedding. Right?

Lauren + JP from Matt Odom on Vimeo.

Actually, the video is pretty cute, and the couple is from La Grange, GA, which is a super cute little town. I spent a week there one day. But seriously folks. It is a cute town. As for the video…I’d be curious to hear what Lauren and J.P. think after about 6 or 7 years, wouldn’t you? It will either be a “Gee, Honey. I’m soooo glad we did that” situation, or it will be like when you’re twelve and you’re at the beach, and your friend talks you into going into one of those “Make Your Own Music Video” places where they have, like, two props and you two get up and sing “The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston followed by a rousing rendition of “Walk Like an Egyptian” whilst dancing all willy nilly and then 6 or 7 years later you find the tape and you accidentally watch it in front of your boyfriend who promptly dumps you. Except for in Lauren and J.P.’s situation, that will be their 3 or 4 year old. Who might think it’s cool. But then will surely, in many years, show it to all their snotty teenager friends, who will be like, “What was that band, anyway?”

In other words, is this something that will be cherished. Is it a lasting treasure? Or just a moment’s pleasure?

are these things over yet?

But seriously. Props to Matt Odom, who just went for it. You go, Matt.

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2 Responses to “Lauren and J.P.’s Music Video – A Discussion With Myself”
  1. mismikado says:

    So I suppose you’re saying a modern day version of this “treat” {} won’t also seem dated in a few years. The way I look at it, people like this will only look back and say “I wish we showed more of our personality in our wedding!” And FYI, I love to watch those old goofy movies from when I was kid and if you are dating a guy who would dump you over the fun you had at 12, he’s a shallow idiot and would have cheated on you long before that 6-7 years in the marriage.

  2. FARout says:

    Lauren and JP also have a traditional, documentary-style wedding video in the works by the same videographer. The three-minute music video was just for fun.

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