Wedding Cake Wake-Up Call

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The perfect wedding cake should reflect the overall theme of the festivities, and so there are a few questions that need to be answered prior to ordering this most important centerpiece.

1487607374_43ebeaacd2Questions such as:

  • Are you planning for a formal or informal wedding reception?
  • Is it going to be an indoor or outdoor event?
  • Warm weather or cool?

Believe it or not, each of these factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a wedding cake; as ignoring them could be turn out to create unnecessary drama, as well as, unpleasant memories…in pictures and on video.

That being said…just because your Aunt Edna has a sterling reputation for making a fierce carrot cake, does that mean you should entrust her with your reception’s  crowning masterpiece?  “But she’s so sweet”, you may say. “Cakes are so expensive and she offered to make it for free….as a wedding gift!“  While the sentiment may be nice, just think: Could you honestly entrust this woman with making your wedding cake?  Has she ever made one before?    While her cakes may be a hit at the family reunion, you’d better think twice before commissioning her to bake  your “cake of a lifetime”.  A lopsided cake on a picnic table, sliding under the weight of its own icing, in the hot July sun may be acceptable at a barbecue, but is this what you really want to happen to your cake at your wedding reception?  And do you really want a blue cake trimmed in red icing?  Hold that thought and marinate in it for a while…

Now that we’ve gotten you frightened to death…you can call Aunt Edna, and decline her offer.  Go ahead…call her now.  Thank her profusely, while nicely telling  her that its “already been taken care of”.  End the conversation by kindly letting her know where you are registered and tell her that you “haven‘t been given a kitchen spatula yet” … then move on….To the REAL baker.

During your consultation with your chosen baker, be sure that all questions are answered to your satisfaction.  Make sure that you are both clear as to what you do, or do not want.   Do not assume anything!  Be sure to provide your baker with details, keeping in mind that he has no idea as to what is most important to you.   Take a look at the baker’s cake portfolio to see examples of work previously done, and to get ideas that can be incorporated into your final masterpiece.  Provide your baker with as much advance notice as possible.    Be VERY clear as to the delivery date, time and setup instructions.   Be doubly sure to have everything in writing.

One last thing:  Please don’t forget to give Aunt Edna a seat nearest the bridal table.  You’ll thank me for this later.

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Can’t Get Over the Royal Wedding?

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Here’s How to Bring Some Windsor Magic Back Home.

If you’re still burning with Royal Wedding fever, you’re far from alone. And if you’d like a little of that imperial glamour to spark things up your own wedding, then there’s no reason at all not to take some style hints from Britain’s It Couple. After all, as the Bishop of London famously remarked, “all weddings are royal.” Here’s how to make sure yours is exactly that!

Baby Bridesmaids
The European take on bridesmaids tends to involve pint-sized versions of our own. Is there anything cuter than a gaggle of cherubs in curls and formal dresses, tottering down the aisle? Nothing against the grown ladies we see here, but when it comes to the cutest entourage out there, we think the little girls have it.

Nature, Inside and Out
One of Kate’s special requests was to have live potted trees (and we mean trees … they were 20 feet high!) line the aisle of Westminster Abbey. This served to soften an intimidating structure, and brought a cozy “English country garden” feel to some very formal proceedings. Kate’s sisters across the water are just as crazy for tying the knot in natural settings, so if a garden or vineyard wedding is calling your name, just consider that a sign of your high-born taste.

A Demure Dress
Designers everywhere breathed a concerted sigh of relief when they saw Kate’s Grace Kelly-influenced gown. Why the excitement? The hope that brides, at last, will tire of regulation strapless. Kate’s lovely gown has the potential to create a tipping point, as interest in alternatives has been rising. Case in point? The new illusion necklines and tulle sleeves showcased in recent designs by Pronovias, Enzoani, Priscilla of Boston and my personal favorite, Claire Pettibone.

Of course, if you want the closest thing to Kate’s actual dress and not one merely dipping a toe in the same aesthetics, not to worry: you’ve doubtless heard that A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz and JS Collections (look for the “Duchess” dress) are both bringing brazen knockoffs to a department store near you.

Groom’s Cake
Brides went wild for groom’s cakes this year, and we’ll see plenty of them in 2012, too. Similarly, the groom’s cake stole the show at Kate and Wills’ wedding. Sure, the “official” cake was a tour-de-force fruitcake with 17 layers … but it was the death-by-chocolate groom’s cake (involving 35 pounds of chocolate and over 1500 cookies) that Prince William zeroed in on to satisfy his royal sweet tooth.

A Traditional Bouquet
VIPs have been known to be saddled with monstrous bouquets you can barely hold, but by royal standards, Kate’s was a modest mixture of rather unshowy blooms … and yet another homage to the humble English garden. A laid-back mixture of lily of the valley, hyacinth and Sweet William, her fragrant bouquet revealed her refinement all the more … not least when it was finally placed at the Abbey’s sacred Grave of the Unknown Warrior.

Stateside brides are increasingly on board with Kate’s enthusiasm for the traditional all-white bridal bouquet. Former worries about the bouquet blending into the gown in pics have evaporated, now that pro cameras pick up every shade and nuance, and brides are loving the traditional “bridey-ness” of all-white blooms popping against some cool green foliage.

Something Borrowed
As today’s brides strive to embed more personal meaning and DIY touches in their big day, the importance of something borrowed has loomed bigger than ever. Sure, yours might not be a 1936 Cartier “halo” tiara lent by a queen, but almost every bride can pinch something truly meaningful from a sister, friend or mother. The old bit of magic in this tradition is to get a love boost from a happily-married couple that’s gone ahead, so go for it: proudly wear your grandmother’s locket or handkerchief, your sister’s veil, your best friend’s drop earrings, or a scrap of your mother’s wedding dress that’s pinned to your slip or wrapped around your bouquet stems.

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Star Wars Wedding Cakes

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Some people dream of a wedding day where everything is virgin white and flowers abound. The wedding cake is 5 tiers tall and beautiful handmade flowers adorn the edible edifice. It is as if the wedding cake was from a sweet dream.

Those people did not make these cakes.

No, that pleasure went to those who love lightsabers and wookies and believe the Force is always with you. The people who made these cakes should consider themselves lucky to have found another Star Wars geek who likes the opposite sex. You’ll find not traditional cakes here, only creations made possible by the imagination of one George Lucas. Here are 20 Star Wars wedding cakes in a galaxy not so far away.

Star Wars Cake by danielglennsmith.






Star Wars wedding cake by Magic Robot.

Star Wars Groom's Cake by mandaloo.

The Groom's Cake by Gush Party, USA.


Sabrina & Matt - May 21, 2005 by sweetvenus.

Star Wars wedding cake Ewoks by SomeRandomNerd.

StarWarsWedding-009 by FlipSide3.

Wedding Cake by ajschu.

I don’t know if you can read it, but the plane says “Oceanic” on it. “Lost” and “Star Wars;” what a weird combination.

Jabba Cake Topper

Star Wars Wedding Cake


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