How to Plan a Bachelor Party for Your Friend Keeping an Eye on Your Budgets

December 20, 2011 by  
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Worried about the budget for your buddy’s bachelor party? Relax? I’m the king of keeping it simple and I’ve weathered two bachelor party organisations myself this year without spending much money. Here’s how to do it.

The first one I organised was for my bro, who doesn’t have much money at all. So we decided to do a single night’s camping out somewhere pretty, with some sports and beer and a cookout in the afternoon and then more beer and a meal in the evening. It was awesome and it cost us 60 bucks each plus the cost of a couple of cases of beer.

We arranged a quiz based on the stuff we knew we were all interested in – so music and football, mostly. That was easy and it costs nothing – we got most of the questions off the internet, and didn’t bother to print them more than once. My bro was quiz master, he just shouted out the questions and everyone wrote down their answers on normal note paper.

We took a football, a baseball bat and a softball with us and played a game of each. Again, free. We already had the sports equipment lying around so we just took what we needed from the garage.

The meal was booked in advance and we got a discount for a big party (there were 30 of us I think). So we knew before leaving that it had already been paid for. Drinks just came on top and were charged as a separate bill.

The second bachelor party I arranged was my own. Again, it was all do it yourself stuff – we went and played touch football on the beach, and went walking in the hills. The rest of the time we were in a local bar drinking cheap brewskis. It was awesome. Why? Because it’s all about the company dude. You don’t care where you’re at as long as you’re there with people you can have good times with – and of course the people at a bachelor party are the people you’ve known for years, so having a good time is automatically built into the equation.

Having a bachelor party at home saves you a ton of money and guarantees good times. You know where to go out that’s good because you live there. You know that you have a comfortable bed to sleep in because it’s yours. And you can cook at home to save money on eating out, which can be great fun when there’s a bunch of you there, drinking and having a catch up about the old times.

If you go away you can still plan cost effectively – all you have to do is plan early and leave the actual arrangements in the hands of a booking company, Normally I wouldn’t touch package bookings for anything, I think they take the shine off an adventure – but a bachelor party isn’t supposed to be an adventure, it’s just a venue for a group of friends to have a good time. Knowing in advance that everything is paid for (like my bro did with the restaurant where we had his meal at) is an outstanding way to keep on top[ of what is being spent.

Don’t bother with a kitty if you are on a budget. Let everyone spend what they want, when they want. A kitty pressures people into spending money they may not have.

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