How to Budget a Fun and Fabulous Stag Party Invitations

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I’ll be honest with you – I’ve just had my own stag party and I must have made a note of this post title while I was still drunk! I have no idea what I meant. Still, let’s see if we can’t extract a little meaning from this random collection of words. Maybe I ran two titles together and it was supposed to be two pieces, one about budgeting the stag party (which still makes my head hurt thinking about it!) and the other one – oh, I don’t know. Anyway, here goes…

Stag party budgets are notoriously difficult to control, because there are usually quite a few attendees but no-one ever pays up until during or after the event. Here’s a tip for you, if you are worried about footing the whole bill for your stag: arrange it months in advance and don’t pay for anything without collecting money first.

The budget should be catered to the lowest level of disposable income in your group. Otherwise people you want to come, won’t, because they can’t afford where you’re going. I once practically broke my bank account to spend three lousy days in Portugal as the best man for a guy I’d known for decades – not because Portugal is lousy, and not even because the place we were in was lousy (it was amazing, which was the problem): but because I was working in a bar at the time, earning minimum wage.

Avoid budgetary arguments after a few beers by warning everyone well in advance that there’s going to be a kitty – and set a reasonable amount for it. It depends on the friends of course. If it’s a close knit group of people then you can probably get away with levying an amount suitable for income off each person. My stag weekend did that because I wanted a small one, so we went with four guys and quite happily shared a pot that had had unequal amounts put into it.

One of the major problems of stags, though, is that they tend to consist of groups of people who don’t know each other. So all one person sees is someone else not pulling his weight – rather than a dear friend who simply can’t afford to pay as much for stuff as everyone else. If you are really worried, backtrack to point one. Set a travel budget that is geared to the lowest financial denominator and do no kitty. Then individuals can drop out of rounds if they are worried about how much they are going to be spending.

Fun and money worried never go together – not for the groom, or the best man, or for anyone on the stag weekend. Be sensible. Talk about it early, get everyone’s accommodation and travel money paid to you before you make a booking – and leave the rest of it to individuals. They are big boys, after all!

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