A Bride’s Top Time Savers

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Today’s bride is busier than ever. As the clock counts down to her wedding day, she has appointments and a schedule that seems to go on for miles. How can any bride get it all done? The solution is learning to use top time savers brides add to their wedding planning and organization. Some may shave time, steal time and others simply change how you view the time you spend. But each can help you manage your wedding planning a bit easier, letting any bride-to-be breathe easier and get everything taken care of for that big day she’s been looking forward to for so long. So while no one can fool Mother Nature or take moments from Father Time, a bride can learn to make her wedding planning far more manageable with a few time saving tips!

Group errands/appointments by location. No matter what stage you are in with your wedding planning, this is an ideal time saver for you. Don’t run all over your city, town or county trying to get it all done in a day or an afternoon when you can save hours grouping tasks according to where you are when you do it. In order to do this, you’ll need to be very aware of the addresses and locations of any place you are visiting before you start to fill up your schedule. Remember that many brides have multiple visits to locations like their bridal dress shop or bakery so once you know a location this will become easier.

Leave early or on time for your errands/appointments. Now for this you may throw up your hands saying, “Well how can I find the time to do that?” We gently point out to you that if you are constantly running late for things, this is a sign that your overall time management is out of whack. Learning better time management will improve your overall life and not just your wedding. Getting up earlier or leaving just ten minutes before you planned will put you in an easier, low key state of mind for your appointments. It also means if the person you are meeting is not quite ready for you, that you are less anxious or irritated by this delay than otherwise expected. Which brings us to the next tip…

Always bring things to do while waiting. Often when you go for a dress fitting, cake tasting or other appointment, you’ll wind up waiting. Sometimes you wait a few minutes and other times you’ll have to wait even longer. Every moment you spend drumming your French manicured fingernails on the table is time you could be spending on another errand – frustrating you even more. We suggest you plan to wait and expect to spend a little time at these appointments taking care of other things. Every little ten or twenty minute time period here you snatch away will save you time other places. Do this three times a week and you’ve saved yourself an hour!

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