Why Hire a Certified Wedding Planner

August 2, 2011 by  
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You’ve made the decision to hire a wedding planner for your big event, but you’re not sure where to start looking for one.Don’t just start randomly going through the Yellow Pages, make sure you’re setting yourself up to hire a true professional to handle every detail of your wedding.

A certified wedding planner is trained to handle every aspect of your wedding planning, from helping you set a budget, ironing out the details of your ceremony, and of course planning your reception.There are a number of organizations and listings that will help point you to a certified wedding planner, and taking the time to research these sources and hiring someone specifically trained will help ensure that your wedding is all you want it to be.

Financial Planning

Whether you’re an accountant or someone who loathes handling finances, a certified wedding planner can make your wedding planning process much more streamlined with their professional training.  A certified wedding planner will have the expertise to be able to help you set up your wedding budget without creating any big surprises along the way.You’ll gain the confidence of knowing that your certified wedding planner knows the business of planning weddings inside and out, and create reasonable expectations for you regarding your budget.

Ceremonial Proceedings

If you want to create a ceremony that reflects both you and your spouse to be, a certified wedding planner will be well versed in the ceremonial proceedings of many different religions, traditions, and cultural/ethnic backgrounds.A certified wedding planner can help you find a way to seamlessly incorporate various elements of both your and your spouse’s backgrounds into one cohesive ceremony.Furthermore, if your ceremony will need to involved different religious figures they can help find the right people for you.


The most time-intensive aspect of planning your wedding is probably your reception, so having someone to work with that knows the trade of wedding receptions will really work to your advantage.A certified wedding planner will have all the necessary resources to find you the best vendors for all your reception needs.Additionally, a certified wedding planner will have the skills needed to pull together your reception in a mutually agreeable timeframe.A certified wedding planner will be familiar with caterers, etc. and can help you in the decision making process for your food, beverage and wedding cake choices.A certified wedding planner will also organize your reception planning by organizing food tasting and event preview sessions for you.