Choosing a Wedding Dress – Tips on Finding the Right Dress

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You’re going shopping for wedding dresses and find a few dresses that you would like to try on. The excitements builds as you think you may have found the dress, only to be disappointed moments later when you’re staring in the mirror in what is definitely not the dress. While there are many beautiful dresses at your local boutique, only certain types of dresses will be best for your body type.

Ball Gown Dress

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

If you are having a big wedding, you might be thinking about wearing a beautiful ball gown wedding dress. The ball gown dress is dramatic, and will have you looking like Cinderella herself.

Ball gowns are ideal if you have a pear shaped body. The dress will create a beautiful hourglass figure and will look great in your wedding photos. If you are going for a simpler look you should probably avoid this type of dress. You may also want to choose another style if you are short, so that you don’t get swallowed up by the big and fluffy the nature of the ball gown dress.

A-line Wedding Dress

A-Line Wedding Dress

A-Line Wedding Dress

If you are shorter than average and like the style and look of the ball gown dress, consider the A-line style. In fact, if you are short consider the princess style variation of the A-line dress. The princess cut features elongating lines, which creates the illusion of a longer body and makes you look taller than you actually are. A full long A-line dress can also hide a larger lower half and make you look slimmer.

The A-line dress fits tightly around the bodice and flows out, resembling the look of a capital A letter. The dress can be designed as a short above-the-knee dress, or longer flowing dress. You can also wear contrasting fabrics with a separate bodice and dress. Because of the flexibility of this style, the A-line can enhance any body type.

Be the Little Mermaid (Dress)

Mermaid Wedding Dress

Mermaid Wedding Dress

The mermaid style dress is aptly named for its mermaid look. The dress fits snugly around your chest and down to your knees and then flares out. No matter what body type you have, if you aren’t very confident in showing every curve, don’t wear this dress.  The mermaid dress can come in various styles and is most suited for a slender body type. If however you have a voluptuous figure and aren’t afraid to show it, go for it!

What If You Are Pregnant? The Empire Strikes Back!

Empire Wedding Dress

Empire Wedding Dress

The pregnant bride can look great in an Empire dress. This style is unique in that the waist is high and begins right under your chest. Your bust will be accentuated, while the dress will allow for more room in the stomach area.

The Simple Column Dress Look

Simple Column Wedding Dress

Simple Column Wedding Dress

Having a beach wedding, or looking for a simpler look?  The column dress may be the perfect fit. The dress is fitted and has a straight skirt, and looks best on tall, slender women. It’s important to know that this dress is not forgiving if you have problem areas, and can also restrict you while trying to dance.

One of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding is choosing the dress. If you find a dress that you love that doesn’t accentuate your best parts, have a conversation with a tailor before you dismiss the dress. Perhaps the dress can be altered to fit your body style. Most of all, have fun while shopping for your dress and don’t settle unless your absolutely fall in love with the dress.

Practical Wedding Gifts That Don’t Break The Bank

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personalized-wedding-photo-albumAttending a wedding this winter? You’re probably looking for a wedding gift. Many people get anxious about finding the “perfect” wedding gift – and some go overboard spending way more than they can afford. Especially in today’s economy that can be a big mistake. Fortunately there are some great wedding gifts that don’t break the bank. Let’s talk about some of the bride and groom’s favorites that won’t be returned or wind up in the back of a closet after the honeymoon.

Personalized Photo Album. This is one of the best gifts you can buy them. Most couples spend thousands of dollars getting the best professional photographs they’ll ever have taken in their lives at their weddings. What better way to enjoy them than in a special photo album. But that’s not the only use for a photo album they’ll have. Remember they are often taking a special honeymoon to an exotic destination, a place where they will take many photographs. This photo album could be the one they use for wedding photos or for the honeymoon. Or get them two photo albums – one for each!

Gift Certificate/Card to a Restaurant. This a perfect gift to get a newlywed couple. Many newlywed couples find that their relationship changes, that they just don’t go out on “dates” the way they used to. Your gift certificate to a restaurant is an easy way to enjoy an evening out without the added expense to the family budget. Pick a restaurant that is near their home so they don’t have to think or plan extra hard about going out. You may be surprised, but this is often one of the bride and groom’s most favorite gifts.

Cookbooks. A cookbook is an ideal gift to get a newlywed. So is a subscription to a cooking magazine. Even if the bride or groom have been living on their own for some time, getting married often means adjusting your cooking styles. A cookbook offers some ideas and suggestions to make new meals together and find great family favorite meals. You could be creating family traditional meals by giving this cookbook!

Genealogical Research. This is a fun gift to give a newly wed couple. You can find professional genealogists and online services. Many brides and grooms are curious to learn more not only about the family they’ve married into, but about their own birth families after they have married. Learning genealogy is a wonderful gift. Especially if they have children or are planning a family. This is something they will treasure as they learn about new and old family relatives.

Gas Card. While this doesn’t sound like a very exciting gift, most bride and grooms would be thrilled to see a gas card as a gift. Gas is a regular expense – and weddings are expensive. Your gas card would offer great convenience and could make the difference between taking a quick family getaway for the weekend – or not being able to do it. Most major gas stations offer gas cards.