Choosing a Wedding Photographer

For many individuals, having a record of their wedding that is permanent is important, and they will hire a professional wedding photographer who can get the job done. Many people may be curious as to the costs of having professional level pictures taken.  Here is how the money gets divvied up when paying off these individuals.

Candid photos are pictures that are taken at the wedding and the reception, and these pictures are usually put together in an album for both the bride and groom.  Many of these candid photos we put together in albums which can be sent to friends and family, and this will actually make up a majority of the costs associated with wedding photography.

When you’re looking at spending $250 are more on an album made by designers such as Art Leather, Leather Craftsmen, or a similar leather bound album, the costs can add up quickly.  The pictures and the styles are permanently attached and the albums themselves are made of leather and will last a lifetime.

Most people don’t realize why they should go out and buy such expensive leather albums, but the truth is that 10 years down the road, vinyl will eventually destroy or at least degrade the quality of most photographs.  If you’re serious about preserving your wedding memories it is a good idea to go for a very expensive model of wedding album which will preserve a photographic record of your wedding forever.

Digital options are also prevalent in the photography marketplace today, and you may want to choose these as the photographs can simply be printed directly onto the album itself.  This makes an excellent selection for wedding guests who you don’t want to spend $500 on.

The portraits themselves, such as those of a bridal portrait, also factor into wedding photography costs.  Bridal portraits are usually taken about four to six weeks before the wedding itself starts.  Some individuals decide that they also want to have an engagement portrait taken and a sitting fee and a developing charge will usually be assessed.

The session fee covers the photographers time for the session and the print charges are the costs it will take to edit, develop, and assemble the pictures.  So how much does an average wedding photographer cost?  Fees range widely depending on professionalism, but in a rural area, you are looking at around $600 and in New England fees may be upwards of a few thousand dollars. Shopping around is advised to find the best deal but remember that you will usually get what you pay for and if you want quality then you had better be ready to pay up.

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What Not To Do The Night Before Your Wedding

Out here in Internetland you’ll find all sorts of advice on how to prepare for your wedding.  What beauty regimen to follow, what rules of conduct are important, and even how to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the big day.  What people don’t want to cover is what NOT to do the night or day before your wedding.  My cousin, Wedding Gal, doesn’t want you to think about such unpleasant things the day before you walk down the aisle.  Aren’t you lucky I hijack her blog every now and again?

Rule #1:  Don’t.  I repeat DO NOT get your eyebrows waxed or attempt to wax your own eyebrows the day before your wedding.  Don’t do it.  I’m serious.

waxing disasterphoto by ladybug_3777

Do this, and any other drastic hair removal, a good week before the big day.  If you have a straggler or two, remove them CAREFULLY with tweezers.  If you forget altogether (like I did), for all that is sacred and holy LET YOUR BROWS BE BUSHY.  Do not try to tweeze off a few months worth of eyebrow growth the day before the wedding and DON’T wax or even go to a salon to get waxed.  Trust me, a few stray eyebrow hairs beats the heck out of burned eyelids, bumpy forehead, or, in extreme cases, the loss of a part of your eyebrow.

Same goes for leg waxing, bikini waxing, getting a haircut, changing your hair color, getting a spray tan, getting a facial, exfoliating vigorously, and any type of plastic surgery.  Don’t go all crazy and end up looking like a freakazoid in your wedding pictures.  You’ll thank me for this one day.

Rule #2:  Don’t get plastered.  Don’t get drizzunk.  Don’t get hammered.  Trust me.

drunkphoto by chairman moneko

It’s natural to feel nervous about your big day.  A lot of folks calm their nerves with a drink or two.  A drink or two is just fine.  A drink or twelve is not.  Not only does getting drunk the night before your wedding lead to things like drunk dialing, vomiting, bad decisions and hangovers, it also dehydrates your body, making you look all bloated and puffy the next day.  So even if you think you can keep your head about you, think about how your head will look the next day with puffy, bloodshot eyes and bad breath.  Don’t do it.

Rule #3:  Don’t sleep with the best man, your friend from high school, your ex boyfriend, your second cousin (ew!) or anybody you don’t plan to walk down the aisle with the next day.

best manphoto by Pere Nadal

It happens all the time in movies.  It’s the person’s “last night of freedom” and they decide to have a “final hurrah” before the big day.  Notice that in movies it never works out in the favor of the people who are getting married.  There’s a reason for that.  If you’re inclined to do it with somebody else, you shouldn’t be getting married.  No matter how badly you broke Rule #2.  Keep it in your pants until the honeymoon.

There.  Don’t you feel better now that you have some guidelines?  Here are a few more.  Also do not:

  • Eat Taco Bell
  • Borrow a large sum of money (it’s bad to start a marriage with debt)
  • Gamble your honeymoon money away
  • Decide to confess all your dirty secrets to your fiance (you should have done that months ago, yo)
  • Go do “Amateur Night” at the local strip joint
  • Do hallucinogenic drugs
  • Kill anybody
  • Drag race
  • Skydive
  • Swim with sharks

Common sense is key in any situation.  If you don’t have any of your own, you can borrow mine.  If you have any doubt about what you should or should not do before your wedding, leave a comment and I’ll answer it.  Hey, I’m a people person!