Guide to the Perfect Christmas Wedding

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Summer weddings are always popular. It is obvious why many people opt for the sunshine (hopefully) on their wedding day. However, there is absolutely no reason why a wedding can`t take place in winter. In fact, winter can provide the perfect backdrop for the perfect wedding.

Christmas wedding reception

The great thing about a winter wedding is that we can really use the season and the things we associate with that season to add a difference to the whole event. For example, red and green are winter colours – closely linked to Christmas – these can be ideal colours to use as decor. This can be coupled with the fact that your venue will undoubtedly decked out in these colours anyway. If this does not seem like an advantage then there are other colours with equally seasonal overtones. Silvers, whites, light blues and golds all have wintry associations and can be used to great effect on invitations, table decorations or even the dress itself. Glass, either marbles or shells and acrylic ice are popular vase fillers which really reflect the winter theme.

On the subject of the dress, you can still choose the dress of your choice and in the style that best suits you. However, winter weddings can give you the chance to dress it up with some great accessories. Velvet or fur wraps or Pashminas are right on trend this year. These can also be added to the bridesmaids` dresses. Sparkly accessories also work well with a wintry or Christmas theme.

The biggest consideration when planning a Christmas or winter wedding is to send invitations well in advance. Christmas is always a busy time for people so they will need plenty of advanced warning to put your wedding date in their diary. Choose a purposely wintry theme which will be fun to receive in the summer and really emphasise the date.

Wedding cakes are traditionally white anyway but with the addition of Christmas decor you can really take advantage of the season in this. Again, if you do not want to go overtly Christmassy, again looking at silver or gold themes can be lovely. Winter wonderland is actually a popular theme this year so there are plenty of choices for those who are getting married around Christmas.

The food we choose to eat at a winter wedding is also influenced by the season. A lovely indoor venue complete with open fires, mulled wine or hot chocolate can be brilliant. The season can also be an excuse for a tasty soup as a starter with delicious roast meat to follow complete with fruit sauce accompaniments. Again you do not have to be tied to the winter theme but creative use of what`s available can make your wedding unique.

Christmas can be a brilliant time to have a wedding. It is a time of the year which we naturally spend with family and friends so having a wedding around the period can be an extension of this family feeling. Having a wedding at Christmas time means that we have an extra excuse to have a big party complete with all the trimmings: friends, family, food and drink, decorations, presents and Christmas Cards.

Winter Weddings – Why Not?

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winter wedding

photo by Evandro Miquelito

You might not want to go this extreme with a winter wedding, but you also might not want to wait until spring or summer to tie the knot.  There are a lot of cool things (pun TOTALLY intended) that you can do for a winter wedding that you can’t for a wedding in warmer months, so go for it!

Two Words:  Snow Globes

snow globe

photo by graftedno1

You can have snow globes as a part of your centerpiece decorations, you can have snow globes as wedding favors, or you can have really nice, high-end snow globes as your attendant gifts.  Everybody loves a nice snow globe!

Excuse to Go Formal

photo by madmolecule

photo by madmolecule

Since you know the reception will be indoors, why not make your wedding a black tie affair?  You don’t have to spend a fortune on the food and drink, but it gives everyone a great excuse to don their finery and look their absolute best.  Plus, how gorgeous will your photos be?

Food and Drink

candy cane cocktail

photo by photo kitten

A summer reception means that extra sweet, extra warm, and extra decadent is a little over-the-top.  Use this winter wedding as an excuse to break out the bisque, serve the cheesecake, and serve up some belly-warming holiday spirits.  Two great ones to try?  How about eggnog?  A classic holiday drink, it’s got a creamy, nutmeggy taste and if you put spiced rum or bourbon in it you’ll have your guests feeling all warm and cozy.  Another great?  How about a Peppermint Martini with a candy cane rim?  Garnish with a mini-candy cane and you’ll have tasty AND pretty cocktails.

Have a wintertime wedding to rival any fairy tale.  And make sure you send us some pictures!