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Tips to Personalize Your Wedding


There are plenty of ways that a bride and groom can personalize their wedding. Adding their own little touches or even big touches into their wedding can make their wedding day their very own. From everything from personalized favors to incorporating heritage or culture into your wedding, here are several ways that you can personalize your wedding day.

Instead of using boring numbers for your seating arrangements at your wedding ceremony, use names of places or things that have to do with your relationship. It could be things like places that you have visited, your favorite foods, the letters from your last name or any other hobbies or interests that you have.

Choose a first dance song that is not so ordinary. If you really want to get daring, take a couple dance classes before your wedding and really wow the socks off your guests. They will be expecting the same old slow song first wedding dance and instead you can give them a tango or fox trot routine. If you are really, really daring, choose a dance song and choreograph a dance routine to it.

For the wedding reception menu, re-create what you ate on your first date. If you went to an Italian restaurant, you can have rigatoni, sausage, lasagna, and chicken parmigiana for your menu. Another option is to have your favorite restaurant cater the wedding for you.

A simple way to add your own personalization to your wedding, is to buy personalized wedding favors. These favors can have your names, date of the wedding, or just your monogram. There are a variety of favors that you can choose from such as candy bars, mint tins, and CDs.

Incorporate any cultural traditions into your wedding ceremony or reception. You may have to do some research for this, but this is a great way to remember your family and its past heritage. You can easily find wedding traditions online for just about any culture or nationality.

If you are musically gifted, then you can sing or play your spouse a song. This is a great way to make your wedding your very own and pay such a special tribute to your new spouse. Even if you are not musically inclined, you can always write a poem for them or even just recite a love poem.

Instead of having a traditional wedding guest book, have your guests write advice and well wishes on pieces of paper. You can then take those pieces of paper and make your own scrapbook out of them. This way you actually have nice messages from your guests rather than just their name signed in a book.

Show your personalization with your wedding cake. Use a personalized wedding cake topper to show off your new name or monogram on your cake. This is a very trendy idea but still adds originality to your wedding, as it says who you are now as a couple.

Display pictures of your parents, grandparents, and siblings from their weddings at a special table. This is a unique way to involve your family and show that you are all one extended family. It also celebrates the ceremony of marriage and the commitment that is made.

There are plenty of ways that a couple can personalize their wedding. The best way is to think of what your interests and hobbies are as a couple and draw from those and your past to come up with some great ideas.

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  1. 14 mos, 3 wks ago

    Great article! I especially like the idea of an untraditional wedding dance song and a choreographed routine. It’s actually not as hard as some couples think to pull off a great first dance: find an instructor in your area that’s experienced with wedding couples, devote a little bit of time to practicing and voila! You’ll impress everyone on the dance floor! (and share a romantic moment with your new partner.) Thanks for posting.

  2. 14 mos, 2 wks ago

    I like the idea of personalizing the first dance using a well-choreographed dance number. Many couples nowadays are breaking away from the standard waltz and i think it is a nice way for them to display their own personalities because really… how many of them waltzed before or are ever going to waltz again after their wedding day?

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