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Every bride dreams of having a wonderful bridal shower and spending time with her female friends and family members. Not only is this a time to “shower” the bride with gifts, but a special time to shower her with love and to toast her new special life as a married woman. Why not give the bride a shower that is as unique as she is?

8935378_32737755fbWhen planning a bridal shower – you can’t go wrong when you start thinking of the bride herself. Every bride has characteristics that make her unique. Perhaps she’s always loved animals or made a great margarita. Or she has a great sense of humor. Or she’s a nature lover and very into living “green.” Each of these can give you great ideas for bridal showers – from hosting a margarita party to going to a comedy club or donating to an animal shelter as a gift to the bride.

Sometimes one special aspect is what makes a bridal shower unique. You don’t have to add tons of ideas to your bridal shower – remember that the guests are going to want to spend lots of time visiting with the bride and also with each other. Try having one or two special touches that make people go “ooh” and “ahh” and make your shower unique. Too many special touches can throw people off and confuse them.

Even if a bridal shower is “unique” it should still be welcoming. If the bride is a vegetarian – would throwing a vegetarian bridal shower be a great unique idea? It might be…depending on the guests coming. When 80% or more of your guests are also vegetarian, having a vegetarian bridal shower is a thoughtful thing to do. If the majority of your guests are not vegetarian then adding some vegetarian dishes and meat dishes to the menu may be the ideal choice – in order to best welcome guests. Remember that a bridal shower is not completely about the bride – but welcoming her to a new family and making everyone feel comfortable and enjoying time spent together.

Try these ideas for something unique and different!

  • A spa bridal shower – have facials, massages or manicures and pedicures
  • Get psychic – see a psychic or a tarot card reader as part of your bridal shower
  • Get physical – invite a bellydance teacher or pilates instructor to teach everyone some great new moves
  • Be thoughtful – give gifts to a charity instead of lots of loot to the bride. Perfect for the bride who has everything and has a big heart.

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