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Why Wedding Reception Invitations?

Wedding invitations and wedding speeches are important part of the planning, however they can have different style and type just like fall wedding invitations.
Why are wedding reception invitations different from the wedding invitations as such? The arrangement doesn’t suit everybody due to the higher costs that it involves. It seems that if the wedding ceremony and the party occur in the same place, wedding reception invitations are not necessary. On the other hand, if the party is held somewhere else, then separate cards are sent.

Wedding reception invitations give guests a good idea about where they need to go, and they are normally mailed together with the wedding invitations but on separate cards. Moreover, it is also necessary to add a response card in the envelope so that the guests may confirm their participation. Such a detail is very important given the fact that you need to make arrangements with the caterers for the party, and you have to know how much food and drink to order.

In special cases, the ceremony is organized in a very quiet and simple mode, while the reception takes place at a later time when all the friends and family members join the couple. Wedding reception invitations are meant to provide all the necessary details. Consequently, you will send more wedding reception invitations than wedding invitations.

Then, it is good to know that the wedding and the reception invitations have to follow the same decorative line although they are designed in a different way. Use common elements for uniformity, but also distinctive patterns to allow a differentiation between the two types of invitations. You can use the same envelope for mailing but with different pockets, and, for the reception, you should not forget to add the response card too.

Do not overlook costs: you will pay more when you have separate wedding reception invitations because the number of items will be double. There are ways to cope with the money challenge if you buy discounted cards or if you choose the do-it-yourself solution, printing all the cards starting from distinct free templates. When the budget is very tight, be as inventive as you can to keep costs minimum and to achieve good aesthetic effects and a positive feedback from your guests.

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