victorian nightmare

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victorian nightmare

victorian nightmare

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4 Responses to “victorian nightmare”
  1. Sangelia says:

    I like the style. if my back was up to wearing something like a slightly more elabarate form of this one. I would have my maids wear this style. but in a ultramarine blue for the overgown and a purple for the undergown.
    if your maids wanted to reuse the gown. have them take the sleeves off all the way or just partway and cut the dress just below the knee and hem it up.

  2. grillagardnr says:

    Nightmare what?? Those dresses are awesome. To each his own on the magenta, but even so, the look is stunning. I’d call it Ren Fest on Steroids, not victorian. A++++

  3. Stacey says:

    Are you kidding me? If my very best friend in the world wanted me to be in her wedding and told me that was what I would be wearing, I would assume that she no longer liked me and this was her way of making 100% sure that we never speak to each other again.

  4. ex0dus says:

    I dunno – As a guy, i’m going to speak out and say: Those dresses ARE awesome. Depending on the wedding mood and overall style, i’m sure they’d be great. if anything it’s a nice change of pace to see something else besides the more “run of the mill” bridesmaid apparel.

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