Worst Wedding Dresses

How often is it that the bride’s dress sets the tone of the wedding? Is it not the one thing you’ll remember from the event more than anything else? More often than not, the rest of the wedding decorations revolve around the style and theme of the dress. In a way, the bride’s wedding dress represents her ideals. Some women have dreamed about their wedding dress since they were toddlers. Other women apparently don’t care at all, which would explain most of the atrocities you are about to witness. Just how do you choose a bridesmaid dress?

Some you most likely have seen before, but others I dug a little bit to find. It was challenging to only pick 25 dresses though because of the plethora of horrible designs out there, but I pulled through after wiping the blood from my eyes. I actually had to stop myself at some point because I realized there was a never ending supply of bad dresses. And no, I didn’t put in the pregnant African American girl because she’s wearing a prom dress. Thanks to www.uglydress.com for many of the dresses.


I’m not sure what this looks like more: a electronic device for…um…massage or… Well, it looks like that and nothing else. Sorry.

Is Napoleon in the building?

Is Napoleon in the building?


It’s worth mentioning that this one is made out of thousands of condoms stitched together. So they are ready for the wedding night and how!


In case you couldn’t tell, this one is made out of newspaper.


A slutty wedding for all! I bet the bra can be removed for the topless wedding you always dreamed of.


At least the bridal shower streamers were put to good use after the party.


I would run if I saw this coming down the isle toward me.


I would run screaming if I saw this coming down the isle toward me.


This will hopefully stay in the window…forever, as a warning to all brides-to-be. Yellow is not a good color on a wedding dress.


Let’s hope this is for an indoor wedding or else the bride will also be wearing a beard made of bees.


This “dress” is more for the stripper the night before. Good luck, buddy, she seems the stay-at-home type.


Words do not do this picture justice. Just try to look away. Now imagine if she she jumped.


Nurse, oh nurse. Can you please pull the plug on this wedding dress.


Two outfits in one: a wedding dress and a straight jacket. Lovely.


As ugly as the wedding dress is, the head ornament is a nice distraction. Don’t poke an eye out with that.

Here are some from www.uglydress.com







And now the one you’ve all been waiting for…


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6 Responses to “Worst Wedding Dresses”
  1. dbrown153 says:

    Wow! I agree that these are some of the ugliest and most ridiculous wedding gowns I have ever seen!

  2. Monty Veda says:

    The first one takes some beating! blimey :P

  3. Andrew Jones says:

    Imagine if she jumped you say – well I’m sure every man is thinking – Wow!
    This is a beautiful woman in her prime showing that she is about to give her very lucky groom the best wedding night imaginable. Those fabulous ripe fruits are displayed to perfection,full, firm and luscious. She is challenging everyone to think about what a horny piece of perfection can offer and she succeeeds. This is display of a female who is absolutely ready for fucking – what a lucky guy! A real Wedding day dream.
    Worst Dress? The designer deserves to be praised for providing such a wonderful setting for her exquisite display of physical perfection.

  4. EDRN says:

    I cannot imagine what they weren’t thinking about!!! Most of the grooms [goons] would have had to be so drunk they wouldn’t mind their wife-to-be being dressed in this [NON] fashion!!! I’ll bet the metal headgear can pull in Mexico City on a clear night and have the beat of marimbas for the dancing which will take place… and the one made out of condoms… well, they wouldn’t have been worth anything if they were stitched full of holes, now would they??? Can’t wait to see more of the craziness of the worlds Low Fashion in Weddings.

  5. Roberta Closé says:

    Hi, If you want to see the worst wedding dress, and one of the ugliest brides, look up “Nairobi Reina” on Facebook. I think that girl stole a courtain and she also believes she’s on “sweet 16″. Thanks!

  6. Hannah says:


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