Wedding Attire

Create your own Wedding Dress Create your own Wedding Dress

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were the person that will create your own marriage... 

Casual Wedding Dress Casual Wedding Dress

These days, the Church isn’t the only place where you can have a marriage.... 

Bridal Flip Flops. Wedding Sandals Bridal Flip Flops. Wedding Sandals

HAPPY FEET: THE BEAUTY OF FLIP-FLOPS There was a time when flip-flops would be viewed... 

Choosing a Wedding Dress – Tips on Finding the Right Dress Choosing a Wedding Dress – Tips on Finding the Right Dress

You’re going shopping for wedding dresses and find a few dresses that you would... 

The Wedding Dress Should Enhance the Bride

the perfect wedding dress There is so much excitement and anticipation when it... 

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Wedding Humor

What Not To Do At A Wedding Shower

Wedding showers are all about the bride.  Sometimes you know her really well and... 

More Theme Wedding Madness More Theme Wedding Madness

It is a relief to see  that there are some people out there who just don’t... 

Worst Bridesmaid Dresses Worst Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid.  The word has varying effects on people, depending on their past experiences. ... 

Lauren and J.P.’s Music Video –  A Discussion With Myself Lauren and J.P.’s Music Video – A Discussion With Myself

Face it. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You’ll... 

The Benefits of Being a Recession Bride The Benefits of Being a Recession Bride

Let’s face it: trying to do anything big and splashy like a wedding is tough, no... 

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Wedding Planning

What’s Your Bridal Astrology Style?

Every bride dreams about her wedding. Some have dreamed about their weddings since they were little girls playing with dolls. Every bride has their own distinct style – a bridal astrology style. Your astrology sign can tell you a lot about the type of wedding you’d like to have – not just what type of day the newspaper astrology column says you’re... [Read more of this review]

How to pick a gift for the Groom

Whether it may be for your brother, cousin, uncle, friend, or co-worker coming up with the right gift can be difficult and time consuming, but it shouldn’t be. This is a time to celebrate the joy and prosperity of a new family. Someone close and special in a persons life should not lack any great memories, and it shouldn’t be hard to recreate one... [Read more of this review]

Stay Organized with a Wedding Invitation Timeline

Wedding invitation planning…you may not realize just how many steps there really are to organizing and preparing your invitations. From creating your guest list to finalizing all your ceremony and reception details, many things affect your wedding invitation preparations. There really are no absolute deadlines for many of the steps in your wedding... [Read more of this review]

What Exactly Are Modern Wedding Invitations?

You often hear the phrase ‘modern wedding invitations’ but what really classifies them as modern. We all know modern is the opposite of traditional.  When it comes to wedding invitations, traditional brings to mind a simple white or ecru invitation card, classic black ink, a standard font style and two envelopes for mailing.  Modern wedding... [Read more of this review]

Funny First Wedding Dances Funny First Wedding Dances

For many people, walking down the isle is the biggest day of their life. They spend months looking for the perfect dress or tuxedo for the traditional wedding ceremony. The whole occasion is usually very formal and organized. Even the couple’s first dance can be static and frankly, quite uninspired. Some waltz and act like they are at a regal ball... [Read more of this review]

Top 10 Best First Dance Songs at Your Wedding Top 10 Best First Dance Songs at Your Wedding

You’ll only have your first dance song once (at least per wedding), so you want to make it special.  While there have been many brides and grooms who have decided to shake it up a bit, there is something to be said for a sweet and romantic traditional first dance. There are, however, some things to remember when picking your song.  Not the least... [Read more of this review]

What to Look for In a Personal Wedding Planner What to Look for In a Personal Wedding Planner

Choosing a personal wedding planner can be a frightening task.Finding someone you trust enough to plan one of the biggest events of your life is not something you should take lightly, but is something that will help you create the wedding of your dreams in an efficient and well thought out manner.Here are some tips to find your ideal personal wedding... [Read more of this review]

Should You Hire a Wedding Coordinator?

With much emphasis on such a big day and with so many venues, services and suppliers in the wedding sector it can make choices very difficult for couples planning to get married with costs escalating to more than they imagined. Not only this but you also have to rely on all of these services and products to provide the quality as promised and to be... [Read more of this review]

Choosing a Diamond Choosing a Diamond

If you are looking to buy that special someone an engagement ring or a ring to show how much you care you should first be knowledgeable about diamonds. By knowing some basics about diamonds you can make a smart choice which will also fit into your budget. The more you know about diamonds the better you will be at the finding a high quality diamond at... [Read more of this review]

Guide to the Perfect Christmas Wedding Guide to the Perfect Christmas Wedding

Summer weddings are always popular. It is obvious why many people opt for the sunshine (hopefully) on their wedding day. However, there is absolutely no reason why a wedding can`t take place in winter. In fact, winter can provide the perfect backdrop for the perfect wedding. The great thing about a winter wedding is that we can really use the season... [Read more of this review]

How to Get the Perfect Wedding Planner

There will come a time in your wedding planning when you might want to get a little help. The best thing to do is to find yourself someone who can help you, someone trained in the field would make the perfect wedding planner. It is important that you have a perfect wedding planner because you will be able to sit back and enjoy more of the wedding planning... [Read more of this review]

Vintage Flowers are Ideal for Summer Weddings Vintage Flowers are Ideal for Summer Weddings

The economy being what it is, young couples who are planning to walk down the aisle are looking for ways to economize on their weddings. But not to worry, there are plenty of resources available on the Web that will help you keep costs within your budget. Sourcing what you need from the World Wide Web will allow you to get everything you need for much... [Read more of this review]

Creating a Comprehensive Wedding Planner List

Important Items for a Wedding Planner List For a bride and groom who wish to plan their wedding, a complete wedding planner list can be helpful in ensuring everything is coordinated for the big day. Great tools to help make this wedding planner list are websites especially designed to account for all the details of the wedding. There are even some free... [Read more of this review]

Information Regarding Designs Of Wedding Flower Bouquet

The bridal bouquet is one of the more important flower arrangements in a wedding. The wedding flower bouquet design should complement the bride’s dress and not clash with it. Many people believe that a simple wedding dress warrants a lavish wedding flower bouquet while an ornate wedding dress should have a simple bouquet. Many considers both ornate... [Read more of this review]

Should you buy bridesmaids Dresses Off The Rack?

bridesmaids gifts If asked the first thing she thinks of when she hears the word “wedding” most women will say “the dress!” That’s because weddings are associated so much with the dress for women that it is their first thought. Sure, there are many other details that brides begin to think about later on down the line, like their bridesmaids... [Read more of this review]

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