Valentine’s Day Weddings – Should You Say “I Do” on a Popular Holiday?

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Holiday themed weddings have been popular nearly as long as couples have been saying, “I Do!” With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many couples are preparing to wed on this very romantic and sweet day of the year. But should you choose a holiday as your wedding day. Let’s talk about the benefits or challenges of choosing Valentine’s Day – or another popular holiday as your wedding day.

image by riptheskull

image by riptheskull

The costs will often be higher on a holiday wedding day. Expect to pay a premium price for things like flowers, catering and event space for holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year’s Day. Especially flowers will be quite expensive near Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. You’ll want to include these costs in your budget planning.

Holidays like Valentine’s Day are also an ideal time to find special things you’ll only find at one time of the year. Many manufacturers make things in time for the holidays knowing that they will be purchased by many. Your celebrating your wedding in addition means you can enjoy pink champagne or other romantic things that may be included with the holiday.

A holiday wedding can make it easy for everyone to come – as they have that time off from work or school. A wedding near a holiday can often make it easier for friends and family to come to your wedding as many holidays are days off from work or school. While Valentine’s Day is not a holiday we take off from work. New Year’s Eve and the 4th of July are. Many of these holidays can be an ideal choice as you will know that family and friends can take the long weekend or part of the week to join your special celebration.

Some guests may find a Valentine’s Day – or other holiday themed wedding a challenge. The holidays are a time when people often make special plans. If family or friends have made plans of their own they may sometimes be hard to change. Of course a wedding is something special you just don’t want to miss. Simply keep in mind that with a holiday themed wedding you’ll want to use Save the Date cards way in advance to let guests know you are using a special holiday date – to be sure they reserve this date for your wedding instead of for other plans.

You’ll always have a “fun” wedding anniversary. When your wedding anniversary is Valentine’s Day, this day becomes even more romantic and special for the two of you as a couple. Just imagine how wonderful it will be celebrating big anniversaries like your 10th, 25th or 50th wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day on the same day. Very exciting and also romantic as well. Every restaurant in town will be offering special meals and treats. There will always be lots of fun and romantic things to do over the Valentine’s Day weekend that you can do to celebrate your anniversary.

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