How to Plan a Bachelor Party for Your Friend Keeping an Eye on Your Budgets

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Worried about the budget for your buddy’s bachelor party? Relax? I’m the king of keeping it simple and I’ve weathered two bachelor party organisations myself this year without spending much money. Here’s how to do it.

The first one I organised was for my bro, who doesn’t have much money at all. So we decided to do a single night’s camping out somewhere pretty, with some sports and beer and a cookout in the afternoon and then more beer and a meal in the evening. It was awesome and it cost us 60 bucks each plus the cost of a couple of cases of beer.

We arranged a quiz based on the stuff we knew we were all interested in – so music and football, mostly. That was easy and it costs nothing – we got most of the questions off the internet, and didn’t bother to print them more than once. My bro was quiz master, he just shouted out the questions and everyone wrote down their answers on normal note paper.

We took a football, a baseball bat and a softball with us and played a game of each. Again, free. We already had the sports equipment lying around so we just took what we needed from the garage.

The meal was booked in advance and we got a discount for a big party (there were 30 of us I think). So we knew before leaving that it had already been paid for. Drinks just came on top and were charged as a separate bill.

The second bachelor party I arranged was my own. Again, it was all do it yourself stuff – we went and played touch football on the beach, and went walking in the hills. The rest of the time we were in a local bar drinking cheap brewskis. It was awesome. Why? Because it’s all about the company dude. You don’t care where you’re at as long as you’re there with people you can have good times with – and of course the people at a bachelor party are the people you’ve known for years, so having a good time is automatically built into the equation.

Having a bachelor party at home saves you a ton of money and guarantees good times. You know where to go out that’s good because you live there. You know that you have a comfortable bed to sleep in because it’s yours. And you can cook at home to save money on eating out, which can be great fun when there’s a bunch of you there, drinking and having a catch up about the old times.

If you go away you can still plan cost effectively – all you have to do is plan early and leave the actual arrangements in the hands of a booking company, Normally I wouldn’t touch package bookings for anything, I think they take the shine off an adventure – but a bachelor party isn’t supposed to be an adventure, it’s just a venue for a group of friends to have a good time. Knowing in advance that everything is paid for (like my bro did with the restaurant where we had his meal at) is an outstanding way to keep on top[ of what is being spent.

Don’t bother with a kitty if you are on a budget. Let everyone spend what they want, when they want. A kitty pressures people into spending money they may not have.

The above article is composed and edited by Britney Danila. She is associated with many fashion and designing communities as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to stag weekends, fashion accessories, mobile applications, etc.

Proposal Ideas from the Silver Screen

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Wedding Singer Proposal

I’m sure you can put together a list of your favorite fight scenes, car chases and thrilling moments from the movies you’ve seen with a moment’s notice. But how about listing some of the best proposals? If you think about it, there are a lot of diamond rings being handed out on the silver screen.

Here is a list of some of the best around in case you need a little inspiration.

Now or never: Runaway Bride

If you’ve never seen the movie, you can draw from the title that Julia Roberts character, Maggie Carpenter, has a difficult time with commitment. After running away from five marriages on the day of each wedding, Maggie finally finds the man of her dreams in Gene (Richard Gere), she hands him her running shoes and gives him a speech about how if they get together they will both have struggles to overcome but if she doesn’t take that step she will regret it forever. It is a pretty touching moment and deserves to top the list. It will have you asking yourself, “am I ready to take that step?”

Ignorance is bliss: Rocky 2

“I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind marrying me very much?” That’s how Rocky proposed to Adrian. It wasn’t the smoothest delivery, but it was Rocky and it was real. They were walking through the zoo in the snow and Rocky’s face was all bruised up. It has to make your list as one of the best movie marriage proposals because not many people can pull that off.

See the video:

The love song: The Wedding Singer

Robbie Hart, played by the ever-amusing Adam Sandler, used his musical talent and sense of humor to sing his way into the heart of his love. Julia Sullivan (Drew Barrymore) was on a plane ready to leave but after hearing the song Robbie wrote for her, there was no chance she was leaving. You have to admit it’s a pretty creative and touching way to propose. If you’re planning out a way to pop the question to your significant other, don’t be afraid to incorporate your own talents into it.

Marriage is a beautiful thing and while deciding to propose is a major step for the both of you, it should be a joyful and memorable experience. Have some fun with it and do it someplace you know will be special. Oh, and don’t forget the diamond ring!

How to Budget a Fun and Fabulous Stag Party Invitations

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I’ll be honest with you – I’ve just had my own stag party and I must have made a note of this post title while I was still drunk! I have no idea what I meant. Still, let’s see if we can’t extract a little meaning from this random collection of words. Maybe I ran two titles together and it was supposed to be two pieces, one about budgeting the stag party (which still makes my head hurt thinking about it!) and the other one – oh, I don’t know. Anyway, here goes…

Stag party budgets are notoriously difficult to control, because there are usually quite a few attendees but no-one ever pays up until during or after the event. Here’s a tip for you, if you are worried about footing the whole bill for your stag: arrange it months in advance and don’t pay for anything without collecting money first.

The budget should be catered to the lowest level of disposable income in your group. Otherwise people you want to come, won’t, because they can’t afford where you’re going. I once practically broke my bank account to spend three lousy days in Portugal as the best man for a guy I’d known for decades – not because Portugal is lousy, and not even because the place we were in was lousy (it was amazing, which was the problem): but because I was working in a bar at the time, earning minimum wage.

Avoid budgetary arguments after a few beers by warning everyone well in advance that there’s going to be a kitty – and set a reasonable amount for it. It depends on the friends of course. If it’s a close knit group of people then you can probably get away with levying an amount suitable for income off each person. My stag weekend did that because I wanted a small one, so we went with four guys and quite happily shared a pot that had had unequal amounts put into it.

One of the major problems of stags, though, is that they tend to consist of groups of people who don’t know each other. So all one person sees is someone else not pulling his weight – rather than a dear friend who simply can’t afford to pay as much for stuff as everyone else. If you are really worried, backtrack to point one. Set a travel budget that is geared to the lowest financial denominator and do no kitty. Then individuals can drop out of rounds if they are worried about how much they are going to be spending.

Fun and money worried never go together – not for the groom, or the best man, or for anyone on the stag weekend. Be sensible. Talk about it early, get everyone’s accommodation and travel money paid to you before you make a booking – and leave the rest of it to individuals. They are big boys, after all!

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How to pick a gift for the Groom

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Whether it may be for your brother, cousin, uncle, friend, or co-worker coming up with the right gift can be difficult and time consuming, but it shouldn’t be. This is a time to celebrate the joy and prosperity of a new family. Someone close and special in a persons life should not lack any great memories, and it shouldn’t be hard to recreate one as well. Recreating memories with a  great personalized gift is one of the greatest ways to express a great friendship and relationship.

The best way to start brainstorming for the grooms gift, is by thinking about things he’s passionate about, and build from there. The best personalized wedding gifts take time, but the smile in the recipients is all worth it. Narrow down specific subjects or things important to him, this will make finding the right present easier to search for.  From here you can make a list, and start scratching off subjects that don’t carry as much value to the recipient. Now that your list is condensed to more important memories or items, keep in mind that this gift should be something that his wife to be won’t mind displaying. If it’s something for his office or personal room it be a good idea to make a note of it on the gift, so he knows or has an idea were to place it.

Moving on to more traditional and keepsake gifts that have been a great last minute ideas for any groom. Grooms that like to host barbecue’s during the summer find that Grill Master BBQ gift sets are great accessory piece to their summer outings. These are great pieces which can usually be personalized to say a special message, it makes a great gift that can recreate a great memory, especially if you met the groom over a BBQ or if it’s a summer tradition. They make great gift sets that will come in handy as the grooms family grows over time.

For grooms that like tradition and style, a personalized men’s shaving kit gift is great, it captures the authenticate style and reliability that has been the standard of shaving for years. Many razors have kept the style and design that has been the standard of design for many centuries. Just like the BBQ set this can also be personalized to say something witty and fun. It’s a favorite amongst many because it’s sophisticated and it captures the essence of the Americana barbershop experience. This is a great gift for men that like to keep their appearances clean and sharp, a great gift for a man that keeps his man scape clean cut.

Picking a gift for the groom should not take more than a few days, but the initial concept and idea will come to mind quicker now. One last thing, it is important to keep in mind that this gift should be personalized to the recipient. Groomsmen should have no problem coming up with a great present now, since the groom will be putting in a lot of time into a great personalized groomsmen gifts, and  you should too! Grab a piece of paper and start jotting down memories, and in no time you’ll have a great present in time for the wedding!

Here at, we take pride in providing and creating personalized gifts for all occasions and events. The splendor behind personalized gifts is giving something thoughtful and one-of-a-kind for your loved ones. We specialize in personalized gifts for him, personalized gifts for her and everyone else for all occasions, including our wide selection of Personalized Birthday Gifts, Personalized Anniversary Gifts, Personalized Baby Gifts, and Wedding Gifts.

Guide to the Perfect Christmas Wedding

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Summer weddings are always popular. It is obvious why many people opt for the sunshine (hopefully) on their wedding day. However, there is absolutely no reason why a wedding can`t take place in winter. In fact, winter can provide the perfect backdrop for the perfect wedding.

Christmas wedding reception

The great thing about a winter wedding is that we can really use the season and the things we associate with that season to add a difference to the whole event. For example, red and green are winter colours – closely linked to Christmas – these can be ideal colours to use as decor. This can be coupled with the fact that your venue will undoubtedly decked out in these colours anyway. If this does not seem like an advantage then there are other colours with equally seasonal overtones. Silvers, whites, light blues and golds all have wintry associations and can be used to great effect on invitations, table decorations or even the dress itself. Glass, either marbles or shells and acrylic ice are popular vase fillers which really reflect the winter theme.

On the subject of the dress, you can still choose the dress of your choice and in the style that best suits you. However, winter weddings can give you the chance to dress it up with some great accessories. Velvet or fur wraps or Pashminas are right on trend this year. These can also be added to the bridesmaids` dresses. Sparkly accessories also work well with a wintry or Christmas theme.

The biggest consideration when planning a Christmas or winter wedding is to send invitations well in advance. Christmas is always a busy time for people so they will need plenty of advanced warning to put your wedding date in their diary. Choose a purposely wintry theme which will be fun to receive in the summer and really emphasise the date.

Wedding cakes are traditionally white anyway but with the addition of Christmas decor you can really take advantage of the season in this. Again, if you do not want to go overtly Christmassy, again looking at silver or gold themes can be lovely. Winter wonderland is actually a popular theme this year so there are plenty of choices for those who are getting married around Christmas.

The food we choose to eat at a winter wedding is also influenced by the season. A lovely indoor venue complete with open fires, mulled wine or hot chocolate can be brilliant. The season can also be an excuse for a tasty soup as a starter with delicious roast meat to follow complete with fruit sauce accompaniments. Again you do not have to be tied to the winter theme but creative use of what`s available can make your wedding unique.

Christmas can be a brilliant time to have a wedding. It is a time of the year which we naturally spend with family and friends so having a wedding around the period can be an extension of this family feeling. Having a wedding at Christmas time means that we have an extra excuse to have a big party complete with all the trimmings: friends, family, food and drink, decorations, presents and Christmas Cards.

How to Save Money on Your Wedding (Without Looking Like You Did)

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Your wedding is a one in a lifetime event. It is a celebration of your commitment and an expression of who you are as a couple. And if you are like many brides, you’ve dreamed of this day for a long time and know exactly what you’d like.

But in this economy, every bride is looking for ways to trim her wedding budget. And to help, I’ve created a list some of my favorite ways to cut your wedding costs – without your guests being the wiser.


Save Money On Your Wedding

Save on the Wedding Ceremony

• Use flowers in key areas only (like the altar or place where you will say your vows). This is where all of your guests eyes will be, and where the majority of your photographs will be taken.

• Have your florist create hand-tied bouquets for you and your bridesmaids. They are less expensive than wired ones and every bit as pretty.

• Use your wedding party flowers again at your reception. Bouquets can make amazing centerpieces at your head table. And they look gorgeous surrounding your cake.

Food and Beverage Costs

• Have your wedding at an “off-peak” time (Thursdays, Fridays or Sundays, and in January – May). Because these times are less popular, the caterer’s cost per person and the required guest count will be lower.
• Butler passed hor d’oeuvres can actually be less expensive than buffet style (because guests tend to eat less of them). Ask your caterer about your options.
• Create a signature drink (made with non-premium alcohol) to save on bar costs. Give the drink a personalized name to make it unique.
• Reduce your cocktail hour by 15-20 minutes. None of your guests will notice. And your bar bill will be less.
• Skip the champagne toasts – few guests really drink it. Or if you want to include it, try Prosecco, a sparkling Italian wine that tastes like champagne – but is much less expensive.

Save Money on Wedding Flowers/ Centerpieces

• Use fewer, larger tables to reduce the number of centerpieces and linen rentals required. Create tables of 10 instead of 8. (Use larger tables that guests aren’t crowded).
• Consider less expensive flowers like carnations, baby’s breath or gladiolas. These blooms tend to be 1/3 the cost of roses and look very dramatic and impactful when used in large monochromatic arrangements.
• Give your florist a long list of flowers you love and those you don’t. Then give him/her flexibility to use the most cost effective/ seasonal flowers from your list. Flexibility equal savings.
• Buy your own vases from places like Pier1 or Ikea. They can be less expensive than what your florist carries. (And you’ll be able to give the centerpieces away at the end of evening if you’d like).
• Ask your florist for ideas about including non-floral items that add impact while lowering cost. A vase filled with lemons or limes can be quite striking.

Save Costs on the Wedding Cake

• Save by using a faux cake. They are absolutely beautiful and your guests won’t notice the difference (you can still cut it).
• Or order only enough cake for 75% of your guests (more guests than you think actually don’t eat the cake).
• Another option is to have a smaller cake (tall but smaller cakes have great impact) and then a second “kitchen cake” which is cut and served to your guests (who will never notice).

Saving on the Wedding Attire

• Of course, I have to mention the savings associated with a preowned wedding dress! Whether you buy a preowned dress or sell your new gown after your wedding, you can expect to save up to 50% of the retail price. That is hundreds or potentially even thousands of dollars that can be used on other wedding costs (or towards upgrading your honeymoon).
• Rent your jewelry. You can actually rent beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more for you and your wedding party – all for a very reasonable rental fee.

This is a guest blog post by Josie Daga, founder of, a website she created to help brides buy and sell designer wedding dresses. You can also find her on her own blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Wedding Flower Ideas

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wedding-flowers-bouquetYour wedding day really is one of the most important days of your life. Making everything perfect for this day is a daunting task. Finding the correct venue, selecting the perfect wedding dress, picking the most beautiful invitations, and choosing wedding flowers, are just some of the things you have to contend with.

Let’s see if we can’t make these tasks simpler. Today we will go over everything involved in getting the right flowers for your wedding. Finding the perfect flowers starts long before your wedding day. Here are some things you should consider beforehand.

  • What colors are you using in the wedding? This is a very important factor affecting the whole wedding. Flowers are available in almost every color these days. You wouldn’t want to fall in love with a certain flower and then find that it doesn’t work with your color scheme at all.
  • Decide if you want sophisticated or simple flowers. Roses are the flower of choice for traditional wedding services. If you want something different, a little more modern, go with orchids or tulips.
  • The budget is a big consideration when choosing wedding flowers. Flowers such as carnations are less expensive than roses, and roses cost less than orchids. Know your budget before going to the florist to pick the flowers. If your flower budget is small, use artificial flowers. There are some really good options out these days in the artificial flower line. Your wedding won’t suffer if you have to use them.
  • How many people in your wedding party need flowers? Make sure you know the number of attendants before getting flowers for your wedding. Your wedding bouquet is the most important. Some brides have one bouquet that they keep and another to throw at the reception, so decide if this is something you wish to do. All of the bridesmaids need flowers, as does the maid of honor. The flower girl if you have one and the Mother of the bride will need flowers. You’ll also want boutonnières for the groom and his attendants.
  • Another thing to remember when choosing wedding flowers is decorating the church and reception hall. Some places flowers are used in the church are at the altar, on the end of pews, and the front door. If you want to go all out, throwing rose petals along the isle is nice. For the reception hall, you’ll need centerpieces for each table, a larger centerpiece for the bride and grooms table, and flowers around the wedding cake. Remember to take the colors used on your wedding cake into account when picking flowers. You wouldn’t want anything to clash.

As you can see, there are quite a few things to consider when choosing wedding flowers. You want the wedding to be beautiful, and picking the perfect flowers will go a long way in achieving this goal. A little organization and planning is all it takes to have the perfect wedding.

Photo by Whimsical Chris