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It seems guys get all the notoriety and have all the fun when it comes pre-wedding celebrations. Of course I’m talking about the bachelor party and the mythical status it has achieved. But what about us gals and our right to party? Don’t we deserve to have every bit of fun, if not more than the guys? I say yes. And every bachelorette party needs novelty items, gifts and a few gags along the way.

Of course the bachelorette party is a great way to celebrate the bride’s last few nights of independence and that means letting your hair down and having some fun. So with that in mind I have found a few fun toys and gifts that can be used at any bachelorette party where everyone is willing to have a bit of fun and get a little naughty. I found some bachelorette party ideas for brides provided by Spencer’s. Follow the link to see a what they have to offer.

Spencer’s provides a wide assortment of clever and humor items for your bachelorette party, but some of the more risqué items include a jumbo penis sipper straw, an edible gummie willie and a blue balls ice cube tray. Obviously, they have you covered if phallic-related gifts are your preference. But you will also find fun ideas that you won’t mind having your Mom around while you are celebrating such as Bride Pimp Cup, an Inflatable Husband and a Gone Wild Shot Lite Up Shot glass for shots of whatever beverage you or your Mom is drinking.

While gag gifts are fun, you can also have some fun with games you can also find on Spencer’s site like the Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt, which asks you to find items which you to take photographs of to win the game. Spencer’s also has a Dare Card Game that you can use at a bar, dance club, strip club and even in a sex shop. One of the dares listed reads, “Order a drink with a lewd name, such as a horny girl scout.”

Visit Spencer’s to find all of these bachelorette games, gifts and much more. You’ll be sure to find the perfect or not-so-perfect gifts, if you get my meaning.

Have you been to a bachelorette party recently? Can you recommend any games or party gifts? Please include them in our comments below.

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