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Jars of Honey as Wedding Favors

Jars of Honey as Wedding Favors

Smart couple that you are, you’re holding to a budget for your wedding. Starting off in your married life with debt from the wedding hanging over your heads isn’t a picnic. As you know, everything is pretty expensive these days. Just take a look at the price of a gallon of gas, a loaf of bread, or gallon of milk. We all need to be frugal in our day to day lives and planning a wedding is no exception.

If you and your fiancé are paying for your wedding yourself, you really know how expensive things can get. It seems everyone from the reception hall, the caterer, florist, and music providers are telling you they need money. Watching pennies when planning the wedding will really pay off in the future.

Next, select inexpensive wedding favors. There are many fantastic, yet inexpensive options for favors available to match every personality, color, and theme. Also, keep in mind, just because something is inexpensive doesn’t mean it is cheap. If you’re careful when selecting favors for your wedding guests, only you will know how much that you paid to thank your guests.

Believe it or not, buying your wedding favors is actually more economical than making the wedding favors yourself. The reason why? By the time you purchase the favor box or bag, decide what you’re going to put into the bag such as candy, nuts, or something that matches the wedding theme like seashells, you’re already over $1 and many cases over $2 per favor.

If you are able to spend about $2 per favor, there are many great favors to choose from. Wedding favors under $2 each are coaster sets to match every wedding color and season, cookie cutter favors wrapped in organza that matches your wedding color and an array of candle wedding favors.

Quite a few candle wedding favors are less than $2 each and are available for every wedding scheme. Do your friends consider you the perfect couple? Choose the “perfect pair” pear candle set. This favor is less than $2 each. Cinderella themed wedding? Choose a carriage candle favor. Beach theme wedding? Then you should take a look at the flip flop candles.

Are you looking to keep your wedding favor budget under $1 each? Don’t stress because you have just as many choices for favors under $1 as under $2. A great inexpensive wedding favor is first a place card holder at the reception then a great take home gift for your guests to use as a photo frame. Another favor under $1 that is also very “green” are Wildflower seed packets. These seed packets look fantastic sitting in a basket by the exit door for your guests to scoop up on the way out. Not only is this favor less than $1 each, but if continues to give back to your guests as a wildflower garden.

Following are some inexpensive ideas that generally cost $2.00 or less per item:

  • Jars of Honey (see image above)
  • Personalized magnets
  • Decorated candles
  • Personalized shot glasses filled with chocolates
  • Heart-shaped wine stoppers
  • Heart design corkscrews
  • Wine charms
  • Glass photo coasters
  • Small, wrapped, potted plants or flowers
  • Personalized mint tins
  • Photo frames

By choosing your wedding party favors wisely allows you to provide a nice thank you to your guests while staying within your budget.

Denise Sanger is the owner of which has a diverse catalog of Wedding Party Favors along with a library of party planning resources.

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2 Responses to “Cheap Wedding Favors?”
  1. Tammy Enterkin says:

    I had thought about doing the small jars of jelly and jam….but I am having a problem finding a vendor for the empty jars…if you have any information I would appreciate it.

    • Angie says:

      I was abel to find it in Amazon in different flavors. when doing the search click on Grocery & Gourmet Food and do a search for mini jars and you will find it!

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