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After the hectic pace of wedding planning and the actual event itself, it’s no wonder that newly married couples are eager to take time for just the two of them on their honeymoons. Many newlyweds look forward to splurging on a bit of luxury, relaxation and T.L.C., but the budget isn’t always there to pay for V.I.P. treatment. Getting free upgrades and perks on your honeymoon is not guaranteed, but hopefully with these tips, brides and grooms can score a few getaway extras.

Find honeymoon-friendly service providers
When honeymoon planning, research to find out what accommodations in your preferred area (and airlines that service those cities) have either a history of treating honeymooners or a dedication to providing high-quality customer service. Use travel review websites, speak to your friends and family or chat with a travel agent.

Show your loyalty
Airlines, hotels and restaurants like to get repeat customers by developing loyalty through frequent flyer programs and membership systems. If you don’t already belong to them, you should sign up (they’re usually free). The hospitality industry is geared toward pleasing individuals that show an interest in becoming long-term customers, and members of their programs tend to get front-of-the-line service. Always remember to reference your relevant membership numbers when completing your honeymoon bookings.

Bring it up at booking
Mention your trip is a honeymoon as you make your reservations. Many online booking forms have a field that asks if you have any special requests. This would be the place to make one. If there is anything specific you would like for your romantic getaway (i.e.: a certain view from your hotel room, a spa treatment at the resort), say so. It’s your best bet to make these requests early.

Use your charm
When a couple is genuinely happy and enjoying each other’s company, people will ask if they’re celebrating a special occasion. It is natural for you to mentioning that you are on your honeymoon. It’s a great opportunity for brides and grooms who aren’t very comfortable asking for free upgrades to bring up the subject.

Try to be positive and not pushy when you do ask about potential upgrades. Show that you do understand the limitations and that you can handle the rejection without giving any attitude. Often if you’ve been courteous, non-demanding and friendly with hospitality staff, they’ll try to give you the next best thing to an upgrade during your vacation or trip. While it might not be a first-class ticket, some free bubbly, a welcome package or some other perk are certainly better than nothing at all.

Make sure you bring proof… Better yet, wear it..!
It is common practise, especially for hotels to make sure that people asking for honeymoon upgrades, are actually honeymooners by asking for proof. Remember to bring a copy of your wedding license with you just in case it’s requested.

Some couples have had luck in getting honeymoon perks without having to outright ask by wearing “Bride”, “Groom” or “Newlywed” hats or T-shirts. Observant airline attendants have been known to bring complimentary champagne or wine to honeymooners when they notice they’re onboard. This is perfect for people that aren’t confident in making special requests – you can let your gear do all your talking for you.

Asking the right people
Besides letting people know about your newlywed status at the time of booking your trip, the following individuals can also provide some sway on your stay when you mention you’re honeymooning:

  • Airport ticket agent:  If a class upgrade isn’t possible, see if you can get better seats (window or roomier emergency aisle) within the same section. However, don’t press the issue – the ticket agent likely has a long line to deal with and not much room to wiggle in.
  • Gate agent: The gate agent at the airport has the most influence when it comes to moving passengers from economy to business or first class. When you arrive at your gate, ask the agent if there’s any room on your flight for some seat shuffling. Be kind, understanding, patient and flexible. If you’re lucky, they’ll call you over just before boarding to give you some good news.
  • Airline attendant: After everyone’s boarded, ask if it would be possible for you and your new husband to enjoy any unoccupied first-class seats. Due to regulations, this isn’t always possible, but if you’ve asked nicely (and handled the rejection well!), you’ll often find that airline attendants can give you a little something extra (like a congratulatory drink!).
  • Hotel front desk: When you booked your trip, the hotel or resort should have noted your honeymoon status and hopefully already put an upgrade request in place. In any case, when you arrive, do mention it to front desk. The check-in attendants can see if there are last-minute upgrades that can be arranged. Mention the things that interest you such as a beach view, a larger suite, late checkout, free excursions or a complimentary breakfast and so on. If they know what would make you happy, if it is available, and if you’ve been pleasant, they’re usually all too glad to make it so.
  • Waiter/ Waitress: if you mention that you are on your honeymoon, a free dessert, a bottle of wine or champagne could be on the house. When you leave, don’t forget to thank your waiter or waitress and leave a nice tip if you are honeymooning in North America!).

Be thankful
If you receive special service on your honeymoon, be sure to thank those who give it to you – during and after your trip. Positive, grateful remarks stand out among hospitality staff and you may be surprised how many of those get logged officially. You could get the royal treatment on your return visit if you are lucky!

Make sure you do enjoy your honeymoon regardless of the perks and upgrades you may or may not get. It’s your first vacation as husband and wife and should be treasured.

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