Choosing a Wedding Photographer

For many individuals, having a record of their wedding that is permanent is important, and they will hire a professional wedding photographer who can get the job done. Many people may be curious as to the costs of having professional level pictures taken.  Here is how the money gets divvied up when paying off these individuals.

Candid photos are pictures that are taken at the wedding and the reception, and these pictures are usually put together in an album for both the bride and groom.  Many of these candid photos we put together in albums which can be sent to friends and family, and this will actually make up a majority of the costs associated with wedding photography.

When you’re looking at spending $250 are more on an album made by designers such as Art Leather, Leather Craftsmen, or a similar leather bound album, the costs can add up quickly.  The pictures and the styles are permanently attached and the albums themselves are made of leather and will last a lifetime.

Most people don’t realize why they should go out and buy such expensive leather albums, but the truth is that 10 years down the road, vinyl will eventually destroy or at least degrade the quality of most photographs.  If you’re serious about preserving your wedding memories it is a good idea to go for a very expensive model of wedding album which will preserve a photographic record of your wedding forever.

Digital options are also prevalent in the photography marketplace today, and you may want to choose these as the photographs can simply be printed directly onto the album itself.  This makes an excellent selection for wedding guests who you don’t want to spend $500 on.

The portraits themselves, such as those of a bridal portrait, also factor into wedding photography costs.  Bridal portraits are usually taken about four to six weeks before the wedding itself starts.  Some individuals decide that they also want to have an engagement portrait taken and a sitting fee and a developing charge will usually be assessed.

The session fee covers the photographers time for the session and the print charges are the costs it will take to edit, develop, and assemble the pictures.  So how much does an average wedding photographer cost?  Fees range widely depending on professionalism, but in a rural area, you are looking at around $600 and in New England fees may be upwards of a few thousand dollars. Shopping around is advised to find the best deal but remember that you will usually get what you pay for and if you want quality then you had better be ready to pay up.

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