Get Wedding Invitations in a Celebrity Way

Pull out the geranium carpet because your matrimonial lavish will grip the paparazzi speech for a long time to come! From the gently hand selection centerpieces to the amazing flower bouquets, current brides and their beaus can get tie the knot in approach just like the celebrities. No question of what your budget is, you can cliquey the finest wedding invitations that your account can allow and still be considered an, A-Lister to all your friends and family.

Champagne and Caviar

Mark out all the stops and get rid of any misconceptions you might have about wedding invitations as merely some other invitations. Traditional stationery featuring lovebirds and wedding bells are a thing of the yesteryears. Follow the likes of steel giant, Lakshimi Mittal, whose daughter, Vanisha, was married in 2004. Casing in silver and gift twenty pages of prose published by family members, the 1,200 wedding invitations rate Mittal a mere kismet.

The common pair can’t favor to propel out invitations like Mittal’s, but they can tap into the inspiration of the effect by crafty wedding invitations that take your breath away. Go into encasing your invitations in a red envelop to ooze the fame sensitivity. Or you can even make your own satin fabric envelops that will luxuriously confine all the details to your elite day.

Wedding Invitations with Celebrity Values

Alicia Silverstone, who played Cher in the hit movie Clueless, and her hubby, Christopher Jarecki, incorporated their ideals into their wedding theme. By entertaining an all-natural, organic wedding, Silverstone and her fiancé were able to dispatch out recycled invitations all over with seeds that could be planted later. Not only was the stationery matchless, but it also was eco-welcoming, which fit the lifestyle of the actor and her soon-to-be spouse.

Simple Ways to Make Your Wedding Invitations Glamorous

Black wedding invitations with gold or silver lettering look elegant without being too overweening. Select a style that suits you and choose a font that matches your theme. If you would like more gloss added to your stationery, select brainy tones like fuchsia, orange, emerald green, or purple. Bold patterns add entity to even the most inexpensive wedding invitations.

You don’t have to be eminent to have the wedding of the century. Ingrain your guests with amazing wedding invitations that ponder the essence of who you are and where you plan your wedding will sometime be.

Keeping Energized While Planning a Summer Wedding

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Any bride will tell you that her wedding day was magical, but putting it together was not. Planning a wedding can be a stressful, time-consuming and exhausting endeavor. Summertime is fast approaching and the temperatures will rise accordingly. All of you future brides, who will be running around in the heat searching for the perfect venue or vendor for you big day, remember to keep hydrated! Good hydration is the key to keeping a high energy level while preparing for your big day.

The health benefits of drinking water are numerous- It is common knowledge that water helps us keep a lustrous skin and good kidney function. It also helps us to stay focused, which any bride needs when making big wedding decisions. One of my favorite ways to drink as much as I need to on a hot day is to spice up my water bottle with Crystal Light’s Refreshing Flavors.

Crystal Light contains caffeine, which helps keep your energy up. Unlike energy drinks, Crystal Light has zero grams of fat and no sugar! It also contains vitamins A and C, as well as calcium and iron, which helps boost your immune system. With only five calories per serving there is no need for a guilty conscience.  Crystal Light will fuel you and your dress will still fit. Crystal Light comes in a wide variety of refreshing flavors so there is a flavor for everyone.  Another cool feature is that they come in these cute little packages that are perfect to carry in any bag, or even in your pocket.

What are some of your tips and tricks to staying hydrated while running around planning your big day? Share your great ideas in the comments section.

How to Throw a Green Wedding Shower

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Green is chic these days, but it’s not an easy road to travel, especially when we’re too excited by the sound of wedding bells.  Contrary to popular thought, throwing an eco-friendly wedding shower doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.  The following are small changes you can make to standard wedding shower décor, food, and more to make the special day special for the earth, too.


  • Buy invitations made with recycled paper and printed with vegetable-based inks. Think Green Printing.
  • Send postcards so you don’t have to waste paper (or money) on envelopes.
  • Alternatively, send e-vites.  With an elegant design, there’s nothing cheesy about them.  For recipients without an email address, give them a good old fashioned phone call.
  • Politely announce that you are throwing an eco-friendly shower.  (This can be tricky.  Try not to make too many specific requests, except for the one below.)
  • Politely ask guests not to wrap their presents with conventional wrapping paper and to instead use napkins, bandanas, clothing, bath or dish towels, and other reusable items.


  • Opt for a room with lots of windows so you can cut down on the electricity bill.  Sunlight is more flattering than fluorescent lighting, anyway.  Alternatively, have the party on a grassy lawn.
  • If it rains on the day (grumble, grumble), just use CFLs, compact fluorescent lights, which come in a variety of shades and styles to suit your needs while eating up less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Food, Drink, and Utensils

  • Two words: farmers’ market.
  • Talk to local growers and discuss what sort of shindig you’re planning.  They’ll be happy to help you with their tried-and-true recipes, organic and fresh flowers, and maybe local wine.
  • If you’re already buddy-buddy with the vendors, they might offer you a discount (but try to resist pushing for one; farmers have it rough these days).
  • For dishes and utensils, avoid plastic and paper, even if it’s recycled.  The best way to go is by using your own dishes.
  • Consignment shops and thrift stores will also have nice dishware and silverware for cheaper prices than many other stores.  (Best of all, you won’t be consuming so much as re-using, making your carbon-footprint smaller.)  Bring the shower into the kitchen when it’s time to clean up instead of throwing plates away.
  • Use real napkins instead of paper ones.  Keep them for yourself or wash and present them to the bride.


  • Potted plants like succulents and flowers in terra cotta pots make great centerpieces.  Try to get your plants from the farmers’ market.  Columbia is today the dominant producer of American cut flowers.  That’s a lot of CO2 for a few roses.
  • Soy wax candles burn cleaner and longer than conventional candles.  Make sure the wick is lead-free.
  • Instead of streamers and balloons, strategically place potted bamboo shoots or even dried stalks in tall vases for an eco-chic feel.
  • Sprinkle the tables with flower petals, seeds, or pretty leaves instead of confetti.

Favors and Gifts Ideas

  • Organic, fairly traded chocolate
  • Homemade and naturally scented soaps (if you’re just not the DIY type, look for a local soap maker on Etsy)
  • Organic and cruelty-free beauty products
  • Reusable tote bags
  • Bamboo kitchen items like cutting boards, spatulas, bowls, and dish towels
  • Indoor composters (try the Bokashi bin)
  • Cotton or hemp shower curtains

Bio: Alexis Bonari is currently a resident blogger at College Scholarships, where recently she’s been researching federal student loan consolidation as well as teaching MA scholarships. Whenever this WAHM gets some free time she enjoys doing yoga, cooking with the freshest organic in-season fare, and practicing the art of coupon clipping.

Tips For Choosing An Eco Friendly Wedding

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A typical wedding should be fun, lively and very memorable. However, it will still be typical and so will lack the novelty that a slightly different kind of wedding can provide – such as an eco-friendly wedding. The current interest in going green should have made you also become aware that you can still celebrate the big occasion in a more novel way while also considering factors such as pollution (including noise pollution) and think about ways and means by which you can turn your wedding into an occasion that does not contribute to the woes of the world and instead helps preserve our delicate environment.

Usage Of Recycled Candles In An Eco Friendly Wedding

A simple though effective way to ensure a more eco-friendly wedding is to make use of candles that have been recycled and to also prefer using soy candles over paraffin candles. You can also opt to use Mason jars that are adorable especially when decked with some satin ribbons or vintage organza. The centerpiece could be created in the shape of a heart that is made from seashells.

As for eco=friendly catering, you can achieve this goal by choosing a local caterer that only makes use of natural ingredients in their foods. As mints are very candy you can replace Jordan almonds or traditional forms of table candy with organic chocolates as well as Fair Trade certified candies. If you need to find these and other organic foods check out some of the organic stores including those such as

For the wedding dress, it is possible to go green by shopping for organic as well as vegetable dyed fabric for the bride as well as bridesmaid’s gowns and even for the flower girls. Types of good online stores are available that specialized in these kinds of green dresses and Get in particular is a good option.

Similarly, there are several good ideas for green and eco-friendly wedding invitations including using pure cotton paper and for flowers, you can choose potted plants or cut flowers (organic and certified) rather than the traditional floral arrangements. Antique or traditional rings or those which are used from generations will be good for wedding. And, for the honeymoon why not opt for an eco-friendly honeymoon?