Winter Weddings – Why Not?

January 2, 2010 by  
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winter wedding

photo by Evandro Miquelito

You might not want to go this extreme with a winter wedding, but you also might not want to wait until spring or summer to tie the knot.  There are a lot of cool things (pun TOTALLY intended) that you can do for a winter wedding that you can’t for a wedding in warmer months, so go for it!

Two Words:  Snow Globes

snow globe

photo by graftedno1

You can have snow globes as a part of your centerpiece decorations, you can have snow globes as wedding favors, or you can have really nice, high-end snow globes as your attendant gifts.  Everybody loves a nice snow globe!

Excuse to Go Formal

photo by madmolecule

photo by madmolecule

Since you know the reception will be indoors, why not make your wedding a black tie affair?  You don’t have to spend a fortune on the food and drink, but it gives everyone a great excuse to don their finery and look their absolute best.  Plus, how gorgeous will your photos be?

Food and Drink

candy cane cocktail

photo by photo kitten

A summer reception means that extra sweet, extra warm, and extra decadent is a little over-the-top.  Use this winter wedding as an excuse to break out the bisque, serve the cheesecake, and serve up some belly-warming holiday spirits.  Two great ones to try?  How about eggnog?  A classic holiday drink, it’s got a creamy, nutmeggy taste and if you put spiced rum or bourbon in it you’ll have your guests feeling all warm and cozy.  Another great?  How about a Peppermint Martini with a candy cane rim?  Garnish with a mini-candy cane and you’ll have tasty AND pretty cocktails.

Have a wintertime wedding to rival any fairy tale.  And make sure you send us some pictures!